Windows programs

Theta-Meter Version
Version compiled for 32-bit and 64-bit versions Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, support Theta-Meter Bluetooth 4.0BLE device, added possibility to work with our service for remotesession control


Theta-Meter Version
Stable working program for low end and old computers.


Theta-Meter Version 3.08

E-meter program for weakest computers such as old computers and netbooks.


Theta-Meter Transformer

This program have interfaces of Mark V and Mark VII in it's interface. This program could be useful for students doing E-Meter drills.


Mark V for Windows Download

Mac OS X program

Theta-Meter for Mac OS X

Download file. Click at downloaded program file and make a left mouse click on the program name or tap with two fingers simultaneously on the program file. When menu appears choose "Open". Program starts. In Settings-> Device choose USB device if you use USB Theta-Meter.

Version 1.6 beta 2 Download

Mark V for Mac OSX Download

Android program

Theta-Meter for Android

This program works at any Android devices with Android 3.0 and higher. To activate this program, write to me at my e-mail. Ask for activation code by e-mail.


Mark V for Android Download

Recorded sessions

Recording of floating TA at the end of session.



2nd generationTheta-Meters don't need drivers.

Drivers for Theta-Meter 1st generation. Download

Newest drivers you can download at chipmaker's website. here

For Windows 8 you can use drivers for Windows 7.

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