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Before using my Theta-Meter in my NOTs sessions, I spent hours comparing settings, reads and needle reactions between my Quantum meters and my Theta-Meter. The reads I got on my Theta-Meter were identical to or appeared even better than reads and reactions I got from my Quantum meters.

Although I have not tried the new Ultra VIII meter yet, I know for a fact that many features on my Theta-Meter are significantly more advanced than those on the Ultra. If you just look at a photo of the Ultra, you will see from the knob and button labels that the Ultra still has the same features as all other church meters did in 1997.

Please don’t get me wrong. The Theta-Meter has every one of these features that the Quantum and even the Ultra meter has, but it has much more. And I wanted some of these advanced e-meter features to simplify my auditing and give me faster and more accurate results.

My Theta-Meter works perfectly for me in Solo NOTs sessions and it works just as well on my preclears.

The Theta-Meter does every auditing or training action I will ever need.

Obviously, you might not choose to use every feature available on the Theta-Meter software, but it is nice to know they are there if you want to use them.

For example — one simple but stunning feature of the Theta-Meter that is not found in any church meters is the capability of a coach easily using headphones on the Theta-Meter to privately LISTEN for reads, ticks, F/Ns, etc., so that you can easily and privately HEAR all the reads which an auditor in training (or even in session) may get (or may miss) on many e-meter drills such as E-meter Drill 15 for example, when you ask the student auditor “What did the needle do while reading the line?” You already know what the needle did, because you heard it privately and clearly.

Another Theta-Meter feature I really like is being able to clearly see the Theta-Meter on my monitor screen while at the same time having the entire CS or Grade Commands Sheet or Correction List, etc., also being displayed right next to the Theta-Meter display on the same monitor if you choose to use that option.

I also love the option of using a touch screen monitor which allows me to silently touch my monitor to bring the Theta-Meter needle immediately back to SET. Or, I can set another feature option to always automatically return the Theta-Meter needle to SET as soon as the needle so much as touches the right pin.

I know to some it may not be saying much, but I did get my Flag meter training passed by RTC Deputy Snr CS INT. Anyway, I consider myself to be an expert at metering, and my Theta-Meter makes me even better!

And there are dozens of more options which you can choose to display or not while using your Theta-Meter.

How is Product Support?

Theta-Meter support has been wonderful for me. Even when Mikhail was out of the country, he still quickly responded to all of my email and phone questions. (I had LOTS of questions which I wanted the Theta-Meter company to answer before I would buy anything from them.) They easily won my trust and confidence!

PROS (positive points) & CONS (negative points)

PROS — Above, I have written a bunch of Pros (positive things) and there are dozens more.

CONS — Below are the very few things I found which someone may consider to be Cons (negative things). However, I personally did not have any Cons.

CONS: Theta-Meter’s main support person is Mikhail who is from Russia, so he does have a Russian accent, but he speaks English well, although a little slowly, and he can read and write English too. He prefers getting emails rather than talking on the phone.

Because it comes from Russia, it takes about a week to get the Theta-Meter by mail to the US.

I hope this review helps, Charles

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