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USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano
USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano
USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano
USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano

USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano

270 USD

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USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano is the smallest standard e-meter in the market. 

This is v2.0 of this device with reliable leads connector.

The Package includes
USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano


Black, white, blue, green, yellow, red

Cans and wires
Cans (solo and duo electrodes) are not included. Please, remember to order the right size cans for your convenience.

A two years full warranty is provided.


Weight 12g

Sizes: 60x20x11mm

USB socket - USB A

1/8' (3,5mm) audio jack socket for cans

5kOhm resistor connected when cans are disconnected

Operational Systems and Drivers
This e-meter works with Windows XP, Visa, 7, 8 and 10, Android 3.5-4.4, Mac OSX 10.6 and higher. This is a third generation Theta-Meter and does not require driver installation. All operating systems will identify it automatically as a standard USB device.

The device is intended for experiments in psychology and spiritual practices.

USB E-Meter Theta-Meter 3G nano is designed to work with computer devices, battery-powered or connected to the power network via a power supply certified for medical use as it does not contain galvanic isolation (protection from breakdown of the mains voltage). If you are unsure of the quality and reliability of power supply of computer or computer devices and the presence of medical certification, when using a USB E-Meter Theta-Meter nano 3rd generation with a computer or other computer device with power network feeding use the external adapter with galvanic isolation or buy such adapter here.

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