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Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G
Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G
Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G
Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G
Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G

Theta-Meter USB and Wi-Fi 3G

380 USD

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This is our 3rd version of Theta-Meter with Wi-Fi connection to any computer device. 

This e-meter can be used at any modern OS. (Windows, Mac OS, iOs, Android, Linux and others)

Connection to computer can be done by Wi-Fi or using USB.

Unique feature of this e-meter - many users can work simultaneously at their's computers or tablets in web browser. For example, student twin and supervisor can connect to this meter and see needle behaviour at their's screens.

Power consumption - up to 200mA. You can feed it using USB mini cable to USB port of your PC or Mac, phone charger or power bank.


2 years 

Package includes

1x Theta-Meter Wi-Fi 3G

1x USB mini cable

Cans are not included. Please do not forget to order additional cans available from our shop or request them at the time of ordering. 


61g, without USB cable

Wi-Fi Settings

Name of Wi-Fi networks starts from "Theta-Meter-#".

Password - 80088008.

You can change Wi-Fi channel, password and security level in Settings at address

Meter program in web browser

Web browser version of e-meter program is at address

How to use it you can read here.


To connect meter to Windows computer using USB cable install a driver.

How to do this you can read here.


If you changed Wi-Fi password and forgot it, you can reset Theta-Meter Wi-Fi 3G to original condition. Disconnect meter from power source, open meter box, remove jumper (marked at photo with red circle) and connect meter to power source, wait 1 minute, disconnect meter from power source and put jumper back. Meter will be with original settings.

Meter consist of meter box, connection board, Theta-Meter Nano 3g and microcomputer with Linux.


This meter already 3rd generatiion of Theta-Meter Wi-Fi e-meters. Here you can see all 3 generations.

At picture you can see:

- Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Pro, 1st generation

- Theta-Meter Wi-Fi access point with Theta-Meter Nano

- Theta-Meter Wi-Fi 3G

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