Theta-Meter Windows program sound graph demo.

Can you find an instant read 10 seconds after it happens?

After working long and hard we came to the realization about this interesting opportunity we have with the Theta-Meter; that is, the indication of the sound on the graph in the Software Version - 5.109.

The program can be downloaded from:

Enjoy the features of the program in the demo video:

This sound graph could help you determine whether there was an instant read on e-meter drills and also during session.

This program is now in testing. If you find a bug, please write to us.

Have a good sessions!


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Fedorov Mikhail

Hi Albert,

I think it is not a proble to do this. We can do a recording in file and then we can make export of data to different file format.

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Readings in a file ?

Hi Mikhail, is it possible to get the Readings in a external file possible in csv,xls or any other format? I would like to use the information of these reading in a diferent way than that of clearing. I am a therapist and provide remote therapy.



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Clive Whittaker

That is very very impressive. Well done!

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