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Skype (internet) auditing and remote session control.


Introducing our new service to deliver online auditing via Skype. This service allows supervisors and C/Ses the ability to check how their students and auditors are performing while auditing, how standard they are working, and, if necessary, the option to record part (or all) of a session in order to write a pink sheet. It works with all Theta-Meter e-meters.

This is the 2nd version of our service. It was created over the course of 2 years of testing. The result is a newer version that is much more stable, with less latency and can work with multiple auditors simultaneously. This version is also scalable and can work with web servers around the world.

We offer a web service which now can be used to make a better world.

You can find this web-service at It is absolutely free for auditors, supervisors, C/Ses and for their clients.

How to use it? Here are the instructions for auditors and preclears: Everything you should know to set up a remote connection:


PreClear (Client)

1. Connect your Theta-Meter e-meter to computer.

2. Start program Theta-Meter remote web-meter client:

3. Copy his Client's ID to clipboard (marked in red) with button "Copy ID to Clipboard" and send it using Skype to your auditor.

Program Remote web-meter client for Windows. Download

Program web-meter-client for Mac OS. Download

New program name - Online meter, you can download it here or at Google Play or Mac or iOS AppStore.

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Multi-screen version of Theta-Meter e-meter. How to make three e-meters using only one Theta-Meter?

Hello dear colleagues!

Today I want to tell you how to make 3 e-meters using only one Theta-Meter.

Of course, we will not use any magic, our purpose is to use Wi-Fi access point plus Theta-Meter e-meter to offer to student, twin and supervisor at the same time possibility to see e-meter interface at their's own computer devices. This is very comfortable when two students doing e-meter drills can see their own e-meter at their's computer, tablet or phone, and supervisor can see what this two twins are doing at his device.

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Theta-Meter e-meter program in a web browser.

Hello dear colleagues.

Today I want to show you Theta-Meter e-meter porgram in a web browser.

First of all I want to answer to the main question - why we make this program?

There are no any mystery. The main stream of software development now moves into the network, and we also follow this trend. We present a Theta-Meter e-meter program, which is written to show you modern standards for web programming. This is a real web-meter for the popular browsers - Chrome , Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.
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E-meter for students. Mark V emulator for Theta-Meter e-meter.

E-meter for students. Mark V emulator for Theta-Meter e-meter.

Hello dear colleagues,

We have released a new software - Mark V emulator for Theta-Meter for the most popular operating systems.

Who needs this program? Primarily it was made for students. If you want to become a professional, to study original Ron's materials, you need e-meter which works like Ron's e-meter.

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Theta-Meter e-meter program for iOS, 2014 edition.


Here it is the video of the program Theta-Meter for iOS, version 2014:

Program can be found in AppStore under the name GSR Meter.

At the moment this is the only e-meter program in the world, which can work with iOS.

Among all programs for e-meter GSR Meter for iPad is the standard - comfortable interface, easy to use in the session, perfectly smooth needle movement, reliability. If you are accustomed to choose only the best, the Theta-Meter + iPad is your choice.

What you need to work in iOS (with iPad, iPhone, iPod)? For this you should buy Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Access point and one of USB Theta meters. Connect Theta-Meter to the access point, turn on the power, connect the iPad to Wi-Fi acces point, start the program GSR Meter and go in session!

Have a good session!

Mikhail Fedorov

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