New 3G USB Theta-Meter e-meters

Hello Dear collegues,

I wish to announce the new generation of USB Theta-Meter E-Meters - third generation.

To developed this devices we used our 8 years of expirience of Theta-Meter production, sales and users support of the many-many hundreds of devices sold.

We have optimized power consumption of the meters, cost of production and reliability of electronics and mechanical parts. We used the most modern up-to-date components in our effort to make the devices cheaper, more reliable. As a result of our efforts the prices for all new devices have been reduced.


Pro series devices are recommended for the professional practitioners. The electro security part of the meter has been built to medical device standards.


The Theta-Meter Light series was made for devices using batteries, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and developed for minimal power usage.


A new development is our “all-in-one” Theta-Meter, constructed within a Solo Can especially for those Solo Auditors who travel and wish to reduce the amount of equipment they need to take with them. There is no need for leads as the meter unit is built into the Solo Can.

Theta-Meter 3G TA check and compare with Quantum e-meter video.

Waiting for your orders.


Mikhail Fedorov

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