The second TA counter. What is it for?

The second TA counter. What is it for?

Hello colleagues!

It's been quite a long time since the Theta-Meter Pro program implemented the function of the second TA Counter (Tone Arm counter). And while no one has yet asked the question - but what is it for?

The most popular question with veteran auditors is, why isn't the TA counter working?

The answer is both simple and complex. Once upon a time, when the TA counter was mechanical, it had to be reset to zero at the beginning of a session.

Progress is still going on, and it is more logically correct to first announce the Session Start, and then press the button - Session Start. The button starts the Session timer and starts the TA counter. But for those auditors accustomed to older devices, the transition from a familiar action to a new one is a bit disconcerting.

If you are used to the old order of things, then in the settings of the program you can in the section "TA settings" put a checkmark "Start session at program start" and the Counter will start working immediately after the start of the program.

And now let's go to the topic of this article - why do we need two TA counters?

The main TA counter is called "Session Counter" in the program interface. It counts exactly the TA action for the session. If you wish, you can Reset it, Turn it off (pause it) and cancel the last TA calculation if you consider it necessary to do so.

The second counter is called the "TA counter". And its main purpose is to calculate the TA action (the level of charge on the item) when assessing the TA action at the assessed items. For example, the C/S has assigned you the task of assessing the charge on apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. You ask the PC to tell you briefly about each of these items and write down what number of TA action occur on each of them.

You can do this by counting the difference between the initial TA counter (Session counter) reading and the reading when the PC finished telling you about the item. I.e. you have to keep in your mind (or record in your worksheet) two TA actions and calculate their difference.

It's not hard, but it creates extra work and takes time. Wouldn't it be easier to start a separate counter when calling the item "Apples", stop it at the end of discussion and get the exact value of TA action on this item. After that - run the counter on the next item, and so on.

In this case, you do not need to memorize or record two readings of the Session TA counter and subtract their values. It is enough to press Start button, then Stop - and you have an exact value of TA action on the item.

This feature works when you select the Professional interface setting.

Would you use this function?

With ARC and KRC,
Mikhail Fedorov
Creator of Theta-Meters


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Richard W. West

Yes, I'd use it. I bought my first meter in 1970. I saw one of the first automatic 'tone arm reset needle to set' functions ever, in 1984. What you have brought to us with your meters - is absolutely wonderful Mikhail - so thank you so much!
-Rich West SFO 1970

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