Working with Theta-Meter e-meter over the Internet

Hello, dear colleagues.

Today I want to tell you how to work with Theta-Meter e-meter, transmitting data from one person's e-meter over the Internet to another person. There can be several scenarios of work:

  1. Auditing over the Internet, where a preclear transmits data from his Theta-Meter e-meter connected to his computer to the auditor's computer.
  2. Twins training over the Internet. Two twins take turns sharing their e-meter data with each other, practicing e-meter exercises, session model, running processes.
  3. Supervision via the internet. The supervisor observes the running of the exercises between the twinss or is himself one of the twins.
  4. Remote supervision by a supervisor of a practice or C/S of an auditor's session running, whether in online or regular auditing.

In this article, I will deal mainly with the first work scenario, remote PC auditing. The other three scenarios are easily built upon the first with minor modifications. I will use Theta-Meter X version 1.35 for Windows as the basis for the demonstration, since Windows is the most common and popular computer operating system. All subsequent versions of this program will have a similar interface and logic. On macOS and iOS the Theta-Meter application (not only Theta-Meter X) also supports remote work over the Internet.

This is how the interface of this program Theta-Meter X version 1.35 for Windows looks like:

To work remotely, select the globe icon.

Preclear selects Send data from the dropdown menu:

He gets a program interface like this:

Preclear clicks the COPY ID TO CLIPBOARD button and the following lines are copied to the clipboard:

Session ID:
Session reference:

The preclear sends these lines to his auditor via Skype, Zoom chat, email or any other messaging method. Conveniently use Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac. For other operating systems, use paste text from the clipboard.

The auditor receives a message from the preclear, copies the session number (Session ID) to the operating system clipboard, starts the Theta-Meter X program, and selects the Receive data menu item:

And inserts Session ID "1747550" into the window that opens and clicks OK:

The connection between the preclear's Theta-Meter e-meter and Theta-Meter X on the auditor's computer is established, and the PC can be asked to take cans and see the behavior of the needle.

If the auditor does not have Theta-Meter X installed on his computer, he can use the browser version of the program. To do this, copy the link to the clipboard and open the link in Chrome (preferred) or any other Chromium browser (Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.). The web version of the Theta-Meter program opens in the browser:

The auditor announces "Start Session" to the preclear, presses the Start (Session) button, and then starts the session timer and session counter.

This is the first variant of using remote connection.

Connecting the preclear via browser

The second option of connection - instead of Theta-Meter and Theta-Meter X programs browser versions are used. It is recommended to use Chrome (preferred) or any other Chromium browser (Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.).

This method of connection is recommended on older, non-updated versions of macOS and Windows (Windows 7, 8), as it may be problematic to install the latest version of Theta-Meter X on them.

Preclear goes to

Then he clicks on the Connect USB meter button if he has a Theta-Meter USB e-meter or the Connect Bluetooth meter button if he has a Theta-Meter Bluetooth e-meter and selects his device in the window that appears.

For the Theta-Meter USB e-meter it looks like this:

The specified device is selected and the Connect button is pressed.

For the Bluetooth e-meter Theta-Meter, the Bluetooth e-meter is selected from the list of detected Bluetooth devices:

And click the Connect button.

It is not necessary to pair the Bluetooth e-meter and your computer to establish communication on modern operating systems.

On the screen you will see numbers like ID: 1747550.

The preclear clicks the Copy ref. to clipboard button, copies the link to connect to this session to the clipboard, and sends the link to the auditor via Skype, Zoom Chat, e-mail, or other messaging method. The auditor receives this link from the preclear, pastes the link into the address line of his browser and presses Enter, and the browser version of Theta-Meter appears on his computer screen.

Important! The browser version of the data transfer can only work with the browser version at the auditor's side and will not work with Theta-Meter X, even if you insert the correct Session ID number into the program window.

If no connection is made

If a connection does not occur, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The preclear has an antivirus or firewall enabled that blocks data transmission.
  2. The auditor has an antivirus or firewall enabled that is blocking the receipt of data.
  3. The preclear's or auditor's internet provider is blocking the data transfer protocols used by this program.

How to deal with this?

Disable your antivirus and/or firewall for the duration of remote sessions, or put exceptions for the sites and/or programs you are using into your firewall or antivirus settings.

In order to bypass internet service provider blocking, it may be enough to install a VPN (virtual private network) program to create secure connections, it is desirable to use a paid tariff with no limits on data transfer speed.

Attention! The Theta-Meter program, Theta-Meter X, and the data transfer function are provided completely free of charge and as is, without any guarantee of communication setup or connection reliability. The creators of this program do not assist in setting up the connection between preclear and auditor. 95% of users have no problems with these programs and sites. If you need help, contact your Internet Service Provider's tech support or hire a computer setup specialist.

You can provide the technician with the following information:
UDP or TCP (when working from a browser) is used to send data from the device. Only TCP is used to receive data. Internet provider must provide a transparent channel for these protocols without filtering and HTTP proxy. HTTP+Websocket is used on top of TCP protocol.

If you are unable to establish remote communication of the E-Meter using our programs, I recommend you to use standard video communication programs such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Apple FaceTime, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB messenger, etc. with default settings of the E-Meter program and/or programs for remote control of the PC by the auditor, such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Attention! When Theta-Meter, Theta-Meter X, and the data transfer servers used by them are operating, the transmitted data of Theta-Meter e-meter are not encrypted, not recorded and no IP address connection records are kept. Session IDs are assigned randomly by a random number generator each session and are not linked to your computer or IP address. Theta-Meter, Theta-Meter X and do not have access to your computer's microphone and video camera, so they do not receive, store, transmit or analyze your audio and video data, the confidentiality of your sessions is not violated.

Good luck with your sessions!

Mikhail Fedorov,

Creator of Theta-Meter e-meter