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Working with Theta-Meter e-meter over the Internet

Hello, dear colleagues.

Today I want to tell you how to work with Theta-Meter e-meter, transmitting data from one person's e-meter over the Internet to another person. There can be several scenarios of work:

  1. Auditing over the Internet, where a preclear transmits data from his Theta-Meter e-meter connected to his computer to the auditor's computer.
  2. Twins training over the Internet. Two twins take turns sharing their e-meter data with each other, practicing e-meter exercises, session model, running processes.
  3. Supervision via the internet. The supervisor observes the running of the exercises between the twinss or is himself one of the twins.
  4. Remote supervision by a supervisor of a practice or C/S of an auditor's session running, whether in online or regular auditing.

In this article, I will deal mainly with the first work scenario, remote PC auditing. The other three scenarios are easily built upon the first with minor modifications. I will use Theta-Meter X version 1.35 for Windows as the basis for the demonstration, since Windows is the most common and popular computer operating system. All subsequent versions of this program will have a similar interface and logic. On macOS and iOS the Theta-Meter application (not only Theta-Meter X) also supports remote work over the Internet.

This is how the interface of this program Theta-Meter X version 1.35 for Windows looks like:

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