Theta-Meter Transformer program

Hello collegues,

Let me introduce new program for Theta-Meter e-meter - Theta-Meter Transformer.

It have two different interfaces - Mark VII and Mark V.

You can easily switch interface in Settings.

3D design was made by Paul Sherstobitoff.

Program could be used by students to do e-meter drills.

You can download it here.

Iterface is the same as for Mark V program.

Have a good sessions!

Mikhail Fedorov


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Thanks for the Demonstration.
It made clear the transition I will make to the Theta meter from my 35 years ago mark V emeter use.
I can use the original emeter drills and solo on the theta meter.
This demo adds more to my confidence of being the solo uuditor and PC.
Thanks for your wonderful work.Tony Zile

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