Multi-screen version of Theta-Meter e-meter. How to make three e-meters using only one Theta-Meter?

Hello dear colleagues!

Today I want to tell you how to make 3 e-meters using only one Theta-Meter.

Of course, we will not use any magic, our purpose is to use Wi-Fi access point plus Theta-Meter e-meter to offer to student, twin and supervisor at the same time possibility to see e-meter interface at their's own computer devices. This is very comfortable when two students doing e-meter drills can see their own e-meter at their's computer, tablet or phone, and supervisor can see what this two twins are doing at his device.

Let's look on video how it is working:

What should you do to see 3 e-meter interfaces at three different devices getting data from one USB Theta-Meter e-meter?

Let's follow this steps:

  1. Plug USB Theta-Meter e-meter to Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Access point.
  2. Connect power source to the Theta-Meter Access Poin light by connecting external power adaptor, the battery or simply turning on the power at the Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Access Point with the battery.
  3. Waiting for the end of access point booting. This is smaller than one minute. 
  4. Connect your computer, tablet or phone to the access point as you normally do this.
  5. At the computer device student working with run Theta-Meter program and in the Settings select the Theta-Meter Wi-Fi. This is the standard way to work with Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Access point.
  6. Now two other devices (twin and supervisor) also connects to this access point.
  7. Run on these devices Chrome browser (FireFox or Opera also possible). Safari is not supported.
  8. In the address line of the browser type the address and then press Enter.

You see the interface of web version of the Theta-Meter. How to use it, you can see here.

As a result each of 3 people will have their own version of the e-meter in front of theirs eyes, showing what sends USB Theta-Meter via access point.

Have a good sessions!

Mikhail Fedorov

and Theta-Meter team

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