Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0


Let me introduce our new Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0 e-meter:

We printed a box for this meter at 3D printer and now you can order it in difefrent colours:

Most popular and recomended colour is black.

In Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0 we start to use more reliable leads connector.

Buyers of Theta-Meter 3G nano V1.0 can change it to V2.0 for free till 1st of January 2020 for free.

Buyers of Theta-Meter nano (2G) can change it to Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0 for $200.

Have a good sessions!


Mikhail Fedorov


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Carla Andridge

These meters are like flash drives?

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carla andridge

Thanks 😘

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