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E-Meter Tester
E-Meter Tester
E-Meter Tester

E-Meter Tester

50 USD
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E-Meter Tester - correct Tone Arm e-meter tester. With E-Meter Tester you can check does your meter shows TA correctly or not.

The Package includes

E-Meter Tester

Audio cable with 3.5mm connectors

Audio cable converter from 3.5mm to 6.35 (if asked)

1 year


Accuracy of test resistors - 1%.

Correct ranges of good working meter

When you press buttons:

2.0 - 1.96-2.04

3.0 - 2.94-3.06

4.0 - 3.92-4.08

5.0 - 4.90-5.10

If your meter shows when you press buttons of tester TA withing written range this mean your meter works correctly and do not need any correction of TA indication.

Do not press button "short circuit" for a long time during testing old meters like Mark V, Mark VI and other non-digital e-meters. This can cause meter failure.

Video about e-meter tester here.