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OMNI prcessing. Life Repair

OMNI prcessing. Life Repair

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Life Repair techniques and practices using OMNI state. There will be 6 webinars with theory and practice of different OMNI processing techniques.


Online lectures and practical tasks are waiting for you. After paying for the course, you get access to an online school and an online chat. A live webinar is held on each topic of the course. You can ask questions about the lesson topic, tell about the results and share your successes In the comments to the lesson..


For the best result, you should practise on your own the processes that you have learned on the course. You can share your achievements and questions that appeared during the process, using for that the comments section of the lesson, so your questions could be addressed at the next webinar.


The course is oriented to be completed in approximately 2 weeks: 6 online classes of 1-2 hours + personal practice daily. Reviewing the lesson, you can practice at your own pace, as you like. Within 30 days from the start date of the course, you will have access to the course materials and have the opportunity to ask questions to the author.


Each lesson is an online meeting where students of the course talk about their results, ask questions and share their successes. After that, a new topic is revealed. You can also ask questions and get answers in the group's online chat.

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