Interface of the program for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Let's look at the interface of program for iOS on iPad, iPhone and iPod. For example I use the program on iPad3.

On the screen we see a dial with arrow. Underthe Set area (balance or zero) there is a red led, which lights up when you press the button Bal (Set) or when works autobalance (autoset).

At the left upper corner there are 3 buttons - Graph (graph shows the movements of the arrow and TA), Text (shows a window with the text, the text you can copy to the window from the clipboard, font size is adjustable in the Interface settings) and the Info (shows in the window current program settings).

Under these three buttons there is a red circle indicator of body movement detector. If the circle is green, TA counter works in normal mode, if it is red, there is no TA counting estimate is blocked - there are body movements.

Picture of the battery in the upper right corner indicates accumulator charging level, this option works only with Wi-Fi e-meter Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Pro. If you are working with the e-meter connected to Theta-Meter Wi-Fi Acess point  battery charge not shown.

In the lower left corner there are indicators:
Time - shows the current time.
Timer - counter session time.
Date - shows current date.

In the right bottom corner:
TA - TA indicator.
Inst TA - instant position of TA at this exact moment.
Counter - TA counter.

Control panel:
Bal set the Needle at Set. Similarly acts tap on any point on the screen without any buttons.
Timer Start/Stop button - start/end of the session.
Timer, Pause/Resume button - pause/resume the work of the session timer.
Counter Reset - reset the TA or needle movement counter.
Counter Disable/Enable button - enable/disable TA counter.
Settings - opens a menu to control the settings of the program.
Controls - appear control panels to adjust (Sens/Ampl) and manual adjustment of TA:

To change the sensitivity (ampl) of e-meter use slider or buttons "+" and "-" at the left side. Sens booster are at the top of slider. At the right side ther is a slider for manual adjustment of TA. AutoBal - similar to AutoSet function at digital e-metres.

Mikhail Fedorov