iOS (iPad, iPhone) app update. What is new?


We just updataed our iOS app in AppStore - GSR Meter (e-meter program).

What is new there?

First of all, we fixed some bugs in this program. New interface become more easy and comfortable to use, there is a possibility to download different dials for your e-meter instead of internal. Appear new graph type, battery indicator show your iOS device accumulator's charge level. You can choose where to indicate Time and TA - at top or at the bottom. Control of sensitivity now become more easy with Booster and Sens (Ampl) buttons at control panel.

Let's look at app, how it looks after first download.

Press Settings to set up this program to work in auditing and choose Interface menu item.

Change original settings to:

Ampl -> Sens


Bal -> Set

You can download different dials (put refferences into Custom Dial address line and press Load button):

Standard dial: 

Theta-Meter dial:

Major difference from standard dial - you can see at this dial where there is 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 2 and 3 inches. This dial is very comfortable to use during auditor's training.

Now we go to Hardware menu and choose Stress Meter Wi-Fi.

Press Done button.

Have a good sessions with our new e-meter program for iPad, iPhone and iPod!

Best regards,

Mikhail Fedorov

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