Theta-Meter e-meter program in a web browser.

Hello dear colleagues.

Today I want to show you Theta-Meter e-meter porgram in a web browser.

First of all I want to answer to the main question - why we make this program?

There are no any mystery. The main stream of software development now moves into the network, and we also follow this trend. We present a Theta-Meter e-meter program, which is written to show you modern standards for web programming. This is a real web-meter for the popular browsers - Chrome , Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

How it works? At user's computer we run a small program that receives data from the E-meter and transmits them to the web browser. We have used the best of what we have now - a team of experienced programmers, modern design from the best designers, a user-friendly interface of the program, we spent years of experiments in this area and the most modern programming techniques.

As always Theta-Meter e-meter users are at the peak of technological progress, being able to enjoy the latest software developments!

Now let's see how this web-meter works.

Would you like to try it?

1. Connect your USB Theta-Meter to your PC or notebook USB port.
2. Download Web server program. Here
3. Start this Web server program.
4. Go to

Mac OS X
1. Connect USB Theta-Meter e-meter to USB port of your Mac.
2. Download Web server program. Here
3. Start the Web server program. Click at downloaded program file and make a left mouse click on the program name or tap with two fingers simultaneously on the program file. A menu appears in which select "Run." You will see a folder with program, go to the folder and run the program.
4. Go to

This program does not work in Safari browser, please use Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Download the program. Here
You are expirience user, so you know what to do further. :)

Have a good sessions!

Please write to me if there will ba any questions.
Thanks to Google translate service to help in translation.

Mikhail Fedorov
And Theta-Meter developers team